Women Lawyers

Women Lawyers in Udaipur

There was a time when having women in professions like legal guidance was frowned upon. While apparently, women hardly face discrimination while studying or practicing law, the number of female lawyers practicing in cities like Udaipur is relatively low compared to many other cities. And not all Women Lawyers in Udaipur are backed with very positive reviews. However, Jyoti Joshi, who has been practicing for more than seven years now, is an exception.

Why a female Lawyer?

There are certain aspects where women advocates in Udaipur are in high demand. For example, female clients, especially those going through mental trauma, domestic violence, or any similar unfortunate phase, tend to open up to a female lawyer more than they would to a male lawyer. Similarly, women who are looking for a divorce or fighting for their children's custody after a painful divorce might find it more comfortable to communicate with a female lawyer. And it is not for anything that many justice seekers call Jyoti Joshi the best women lawyer in Udaipur. Most of her clients have attested to the fact that she is a patient listener and has a genuine empathy for her clients that eases down the stress to a great extent.

Female Advocate in Udaipur

Civil or Criminal?

Advocate Joshi leads a very competent team that offers an all-round solution to all legal problems. So whether it is a family dispute, a complicated divorce, a fight over custody, legal intricacies in court marriage, or a criminal proceeding, the team can handle it all. As a leading female advocate in Udaipur, Ms Joshi does not believe in overcharging her clients or delivering them with false promises. So anyone contacting her can stay assured that advocate Joshi would strive to mitigate the matter in the shortest time possible. She is also very candid about the unique merit of every given case. This makes her name even more recommendable among her clients.

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